Saturday, October 3, 2015

Weekend reading

What a cold, rainy week we've had! Here at Organized and Simplified, we've been wanting to work in the yard, but since it is raining, we are taking the opportunity to make sure we are ready for the baby. She is technically due in seven weeks, but doctors expect she'll be along in three to five weeks. I am making sure our bags are packed! Her room is finished, but we still have a few last minute things to do- install her car seat, pack our hospital bags, and locate and wash our bassinet. Big sister is very excited!
Photo by Hillary Graves Photography

Here is what I shared this week: 

1. On Sunday, I shared some subway art prints with Bible verses and some burlap initial prints I am selling for my church (all proceeds benefit the church, I am not keeping any of the money). 

4. Wordless Wednesday: I shared a cute picture of my daughter and my dad fishing. 

6. Remembering our precious second baby, and thanking God for how far He's brought us since then. 

A "rainbow baby" is a baby that is born following a miscarriage or still birth - I'll be buying this when I have my rainbow baby

Here is what I'll be sharing this coming week:

1. Sunday Musings 
2. Getting Ready for Baby: Packing a Hospital Bag 
3. Recipe: Chicken noodle soup 
4. Wordless Wednesday 
5. A Fall Favorites Roundup
6. DIY Friday: Repurposing Containers 

And here are my favorite things I've read this week: 

We will see you tomorrow for Sunday Musings! Have a great Saturday- stay warm and dry. 

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