Friday, June 12, 2015

Four Week "Wait-No-More" Organizing Challenge! Week 1: My daughter's dresser

Hi all! Welcome back to Organized and Simplified! This is going to be a busy summer for us- once again, I'm homeschooling my daughter this summer, just like we did last summer. We are also preparing for a new baby this fall, so we are cleaning and organizing, and working on the nursery. I am also preparing for maternity leave and am writing lesson plans. We are also squeezing some quality time in there, too. Whew! Just thinking about all of those things makes me tired.

When Jen at I Heart Organizing proposed a four week organizing challenge, I knew I was on board. By the way, you should definitely check out her amazing blog.

My four-week challenge areas are as follows:

My daughter's room
Closets in my room, daughter's room, and baby's room

For week one, we began emptying out the nursery. My daughter has been sleeping in her "big girl room" for some time now, but her clothes were still in the nursery next door. We moved all her clothes over to her dresser in the new room, and moved all her clothes to the closet.

I began by first weeding out the clothes that no longer fit, or are in poor shape. I put her out of season clothes that still fit in underbed bags and stashed them under her bed. I put any clothing that is used often but not necessarily daily in baskets in her closet, such as her workout clothing for gymnastics, and her leggings (too hot to wear them right now). By the way, check out the closet next week.

I designated a separate drawer for necessity items, such as undies and socks, pajamas, shirts and shorts.

The dresser:
Swimsuit drawer- she has more, but they are in the wash. This small drawer holds a total of six folded swimsuits. 
Drawer for socks, panties, and undershirts. Panty basket not pictured- this is the Internet and I'm not putting my four year old's skivvies out there for everyone to see. 

The "drawer organizers" were found at Dollar Tree. I have used them in some other rooms of the house as well. They are similar to the organizers you'd find at Ikea, but a lot cheaper and just as functional. I like how they create separate compartments and make keeping her clothes neat a lot easier. Also, recycled wipes containers make room for additional storage on the back row. This also keeps the baskets from sliding around. 
Jammies drawer. These Dollar Tree drawer organizers are wonderful. The basket on the right is short sleeved jammie sets, the middle is long sleeved jammie sets, the left front basket is for night gowns and the left back basket is for long jammie pants. 

The bottom two drawers hold shirts and shorts. They also use the drawer organizers. Leggings would usually be in her dresser, but since it's too hot to wear them, they've been placed in her closet. 

The Nightstand: 

The little drawer is currently empty. It was full of random junk that we did not need. I cleaned it out, and since we don't really need to put anything in there, we have left it vacant. 

The vanity: 
An Ikea flower pot corrals headbands and keeps them from being a giant mess. 

The small vanity drawer holds a tray of hair ties, hairbrushes and a hand mirror. On the other side of the vanity, a faux silver tray holds a bottle of hair detangler, her lotion and her sunscreen. 

Well, that sums up my post about my sweet kiddo's room and how we re-organized the room this week. Tune in next week for some closet organizer...lots of closet organizing. 

Have a great week! 

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