Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thrift store finds

One of my favorite hobbies is going to the thrift store. I go to Goodwill, but there are also two consignment shops I frequent and one locally owned thrift store. I try not to go in more than once a month, as I tend to get myself in trouble sometimes.  I have learned a few thrifting tips, such as going to the shops on Mondays, since most people donate on Saturdays.

I recently went to the consignment shop to find a maternity swimsuit. I found two, but they were way too big. I was just about ready to call my consignment trip a bust when I cruised through the back room where the dishes are kept. I collect vintage milk glass in the paneled grape pattern.

Authentic milk glass is selling for a lot of money on Ebay and in antique shops. Imagine my surprise when I found a small milk glass sugar bowl and a large milk glass bowl, just sitting there. They were waaaayyyy cheaper than what they sell for on the Internet. As I was walking out with my finds, I also spotted a set of Christmas balls that match the ones my mother gave me perfectly. I've been looking all over the Internet for these Christmas ornaments for about ten years. They were marked down a lot, since they'd been in the shop for six months.

When I went to check out, I made sure to tell the owner to call me if she gets more milk glass. I also found out that all of my purchases were marked down and I got all of those things for less than $20. It was definitely a successful trip!

I love these Christmas balls so much. My mom used some in the same pattern for years.

Not the best picture, but I'm sure you can see the sugar bowl a little. 
Definitely hard to see, but the bowl is gorgeous! 

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