Friday, July 3, 2015

Four week "Wait no more" organizing challenge: Week four

Hello all! If you're new here, I have been participating in the Four week "Wait No More" Organizing Challenge with Jen Jones at I Heart Organizing. If you've never been to her blog, you need to. You'll be blown away by her home and her talents. While you're there, be sure to check out some of the other bloggers participating in the challenge as well. I'm glad to be included among so many talented and wonderful people! You can find Jen's bloghere.

Here are the other parts of the challenge I participated in:

Week one: my daughter's dresser
Week two: the pantry
Week three: my daughter's closet (We're still working on my hubby's closet and the baby's closet) 
Week four: playroom

My daughter's playroom was bursting at the seams. We had some great systems in place, but there were just far too many toys in the playroom. Then, she had a birthday, and things got a little worse. Ugh. We are having a new baby this fall and we needed to clean out the playroom and make space for her things. We plan to soon purchase another tall shelf but haven't yet. 

Here is what the playroom looked like before I got started. 

Yeah, OK. It could definitely be a lot worse. A quick sweep of the room showed me that the biggest problem was excess. I quickly went through all the fabric drawers on her two low shelves. I removed any toys that didn't belong in the bins and threw away any broken toys. I also donated some toys she doesn't play with anymore.  I went through her overflowing basket of coloring books and threw out ones that were completely full. I relegated some of them to her church bag, and some of them went into her car basket. I also replaced the big white bin with a cute basket that held less, so we'd be less tempted to keep putting things in it. 

I also re-organized her art supply stash using cheap food storage containers. I stacked these on the easel shelf, where they are out of sight, but still readily available should she feel a little creative :)

Some of her larger toys live in the floor, but some of those toys were outdoor toys and needed to go back to the garage. Others were placed in a pile to be taken to grandparents' homes so they can be played with there. Still, others were chosen to be donated. At the end, we created quite a donate/take to grandma's/ throw away pile. 
Let's take a tour of the newly organized playroom, shall we?

Doesn't that look much better? We are soon getting a new shelf to accommodate baby's toys, as well as keep the toys with small pieces out of her reach. We are also planning to eventually replace the flooring in here. I will post the progress on the playroom as we are getting it ready to accommodate baby and her toys. 

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