Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Introducing the monthly organizing challenge!

The four-week "wait no more" challenge has ended, but there are still so many areas of our home that need organizing. During the four week challenge, we organized the playroom, my daughter's closet, the pantry and my daughter's dresser. Those areas are still looking great. In addition to those areas, the dining room, kitchen, and our bathrooms are still fairly organized. However, our nursery, the office, the master bedroom closets, the laundry room, and the garage are huge problem areas.

The nursery is still under construction, so there isn't much I can really do in there until the closet organizer is installed and the painting is finished. I have begun to organize the dresser, and we are planning to finish the room by the end of August, when I go back to work. The nursery closet is absolutely terrible right now. I like to call this organized chaos. The baskets across the top are organized, and the clothing items are hung in order of size. The fabric bins are organized. There just isn't a shelf for them yet, so it looks like this:

The master bedroom closets are in need of one more closet rod added on my side, and then it's just a matter of packing away what isn't needed right now and using the space to store what we do need.

The laundry room is a matter of adding another shelf or cabinets, and clearing out the clutter.

The office is just a matter of putting away things in the proper place.

The garage is a huge mess (sorry, no picture. It's too hot right now). This one started out good, but boy, does it need some help now.

So, what I'm trying to say is, since these are bigger projects, I'm going to do one a month. The bigger projects, like the garage and laundry room, will be down the list. Here is how I intend to do this:

July: Office and closets
August: Nursery
September: Laundry room
October: Garage

I'll call it the "Monthly organizing challenge," and I'll even have a link party to go along with it. Let me know if you're in!

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