Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Organizing: My home office

Remember yesterday when I showed you this mess in my office?
We had several systems in our office that worked quite nicely for managing our finances and schedule, but lately, we have gotten lazy. What you see here is a pile of things that includes mail, owners manuals, and balloons from my daughter's birthday party. 

Today, while my kiddo slept, I made sure to tackle this mess. I started out by separating out the pile. What needed to be shredded? What needed to put away in its rightful place? What needed to be thrown away? 

I shredded some things, thrown some things away, and put away the balloons. I then put the owner's manuals back into our handy dandy file box where we store them all. 

By the way, this is just a plastic file box with some scrapbook paper modge podged onto it and an ornate book plate. 

This is my sewing machine (which I use for a desk often) with a now much neater top. The polka dot binder is actually our home management binder. 

I took the opportunity to neaten up our command center as well. 
I shredded some things, filed some things, and threw some things away. The letter bins house these items, from left to right: bills that are due, bills we have paid and are waiting to clear, and things that need to be filed. The picture frames serve these functions: weekly cleaning checklist, things to remember (usually which bills need to be paid and when they are due), weekly schedule for the current week, and weekly menu. 

This is how we structure our command center calendar: important events (often birthdays) are written in black. Anything having to do with hubby is red, anything having to do with me is green, and anything having to do with our kids is green. As you can see, our daughter is the busiest member of our house! 

Our desktop still could be a little more clean, but for now, it is much neater than it was yesterday. 
Next year, this room is going to change drastically. There will be hardwood floors and floor to ceiling built in shelves. We are hoping to make it more of a sitting room and less of an office. 

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