Saturday, March 21, 2015

Reveal: Emorie's Big Girl Room

We have been working on my sweet girl's "big girl room" for over a year. What started out as the "junk room" actually morphed into a cute little room. When we first moved in, we stashed everything we didn't want to deal with in that room and shut the door.

My kiddo is outgrowing her nursery and when we got pregnant with our second baby, we really started to work on the room. We miscarried, but we talked up her big girl room so much, we had to keep creating it. We've finished the room aside from buying her an area rug.

My dad built this headboard for her using an Ana White plan. He did all the work himself. I love that we will have this headboard for many years that he made. Emorie can even keep it to use with her children one day. The pink in the tulip picture above her bed matches the pink in the quilt and duvet perfectly.
I bought this cute quilt and duvet set from Pottery Barn kids. The colors are girly without being overly girly. There are different colors of pink and aqua, brown and different colors of blue, so there are lots of colors you can use in the room. The nightstand is actually an end table that my aunt got from a yard sale. My mom painted it and replaced the drawer pull.

The vanity was mine when I was a little girl. I re-painted it and replaced the drawer pull, and then I covered the stool. You can read about that here.  I am going to get a cute wooden or plastic tray to put her combs and brushes in, and get rid of the pink metal can. The little praying girl statue was given to me by my grandmother when I was little.

The dresser and  shelf is from the IKEA Hemnes collection, and I stenciled the shelf to give it a little more color. You can read about that here. I also DIY'ed some graphic art to hang above her dresser.We also changed out the drawer pulls to make them more girlish, and to make the furniture coordinate more with the end table and the vanity.
My husband is responsible for the wall color. I kept trying different samples and kept ending up with colors that are too blue or too bright. I tried three different colors, and my husband chooses one sample that ends up working perfectly. Maybe he should be in charge of the paint samples from now on :)

 The vintage gallery wall replaced some earlier art I did, which you can read about here. Once I hung the tulip print, the DIY artwork just didn't look right. The vintage botanical and ballerina prints were a perfect fit, though.

I love how her room turned out. All in all, we created a feminine room that is not overly girly, that will grow with her. I am so excited for her to start sleeping here. Next, we'll be doing her closet. You can expect that post soon.

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