Saturday, October 17, 2015

Weekend reading

Hope you all have had a fantastic week- we have had a quick and busy week, and had every intention of having a busy weekend. This weekend, we were supposed to go to the park with some friends, and go to the pumpkin patch, and get a few last minute things done before baby comes. Then we all woke up feeling bad and didn't get to do any of it. But before next week gets here, why don't we do a little recap of this week?

On Monday, I began the week by sharing a few tips for not letting baby gear take over the house. 

On Tuesday, I shared a DIY gift idea:
On Wednesday, I shared some photos that I took this week, and one of them was a super sweet picture of my daddy with Emorie. 

On Thursday, I shared a throwback post about a local orchard where we are going today. 

On Friday, I showed off some neat uses for tin cans. 
Hope you're having a fantastic weekend. Here is what you can expect this week at Organized and Simplified: 

1. Monday: Thrift store finds 
2. Tuesday: High/low knockoffs 
3. Wordless Wednesday 
4. Getting organized Thursdays 
5. DIY FRidays: Upcycling Plastic Containers 

And, here are some great articles I enjoyed this week, that you will probably enjoy: 

Have a great week! 

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