Friday, October 16, 2015

DIY'ing with upcycled "garbage": tin cans

One man's junk is another man's treasure. We go through a lot of cans at our house, and while we usually throw them away or recycle them, it recently occurred to me just how many things we could do with the cans. I decided that it would be a good idea to see what I could do with those cans.

1. DIY storage:
Put some pretty scrapbook or contact paper on those cans and use them for storage. I use the black and white cans in my crafting cabinet to hold scissors, Sharpies and paint pens, and even a contact paper-covered Oatmeal can for storing pipe cleaners.

2. Turn them into decor!

I found these great printable vintage can labels on Pinterest, and I printed several of them off on our printer. Wrap them around your cans and you've got some "antique" cans you can display! I am going to ask the cafeteria at my school if they'll give me one of the large cans so I can wrap a pretty label around it and use it as a vase.

How pretty would the pumpkin can be with some light pink flowers in it?

3.Candle holders/tea lights

 I didn't do this one, but I may try it soon- I'd love to make these tea light holders for our porch this coming summer!

Garden Lanterns #tin cans:

Here is another similar idea: 
Fun Summer Nights Call for Tin Can Lanterns | Fox News Magazine:


4. Seasonal decor: 
I didn't make this one either, but I'd like to. Here are some cute seasonal craft ideas you can make from tin cans. 

Snowman from tomato paste can...I think my kids can do this for our holiday present!!! Christine!!!!:

And how cool is this advent calendar? 

Recycled Tin Can Advent Calendar and 50 family activities #skiptomylou:

Have you made any neat things with tin cans? 

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