Monday, September 8, 2014

A Little DIY: Dog biscuit canister

School has started back, and this blogger has been unintentionally AWOL. I didn't set out to take two weeks off from blogging, but I am struggling to find a balance and I needed to focus on school work. I have a list of great blog entries that I am planning to write, but just haven't found the time.

I did find time for a cute DIY project which cost me nothing and was a lot of fun. I have had this white crock on hand for years, and just couldn't find a use for it.

Everything in my kitchen is black or red, so I couldn't think of how I'd use it there. I have been using a plain white basket to store my dog biscuits in their unsightly, brightly colored cellophane wrappers.

I quickly downloaded a clipart bone from the internet, which I traced with a paint pen.
This is not the finished product. But it does look cute like this, too. 
I wanted to try to make the outline more bold like the clipart I traced, but I couldn't trust myself not to mess it up. I decided instead to color it in. I think the result is pretty nice, don't you?

Plus, it looks so much nicer in my pantry than those unsightly cellophane packets of dog treats. See the basket to the left? That's how I've been storing them. Makes for a nice comparison, huh?

I want to buy another one for kitty treats and trace a clipart fish on it. 

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