Sunday, August 24, 2014

High/low knockoffs: West Elm

Tomorrow morning, I will meet and begin teaching a brand new crop of eighth graders. My summer passed quickly, but it was a good summer and I'm happy to be teaching again. I'm even more happier to be continuing my blog series on high/low knock-offs.

This week, I am sharing my top five West Elm knock offs. They are, as always, in no particular order. Prices are included. 

5. West Elm Glass Jug Table Lamp,  $169
Glass Jug Table Lamp - Clear

The knock-off: via The Thrifty Abode
Just use an old glass vase, a ceramic drill bit,  and a hardware store lamp kit. 

4. Industrial Pipe Adjustable Curtain Rods, $79-$109
Industrial Pipe Adjustable Rods

The knock-off: via Something We Whipped Up, $45
DIY Industrial Pipe Curtain Rods by

3. West Elm Window Headboard, $249- 399
Window Headboard - White

The knock-off, via Remodelholic, $57

2. West Elm Striped Shower Curtain, $39 (I'd pay that price, though. That's not bad.)
Stripe Shower Curtain - Feather Gray

The knock-off (seen multiple times on Pinterest): via A Summer Gypsy

1. West Elm Parsons Floor Mirror- Gray Herringbone $549, currently on sale for $466
Parsons Floor Mirror - Gray Herringbone

The knock-off, via HomeComing $36
West Elm Inspired Herringbone Floor Mirror high res

Coming soon: Anthropologie knock offs

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