Friday, August 7, 2015

Wishing for Fall!

I really want it to be fall. Fall has always been my favorite season for a variety of reasons- cooler temperatures, hot drinks, beautiful leaves, and some of my favorite holidays. Fall is also a time of "preparing." We clean out flower beds in anticipation for spring each fall. We have the house washed. We do outdoor projects that it is just too hot to do during the summer, such as paint the shutters. Plus, this fall, we will be welcoming our sweet second baby girl.

Fall is one of my favorite times to decorate as well.

I love using natural elements in my seasonal decor- fresh flowers, acorns, pine cones, pumpkins, real garlands, you name it. Fall will mean there will be lots of gourds and pumpkins around here! 

Here are some beautiful fall decorations I am currently coveting: 

LiveLaughRowe has created some gorgeous candle holders! 

This front porch is gorgeous. I wonder if maybe I can create this on a smaller scale, as my front porch is small. 

What a simple, beautiful tablescape! 
fall table decor

And what if you printed a lot of pretty fall scenes from the Internet and then made a gallery wall? 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be dragging out all of my fall decor and getting it ready for when I CAN decorate for fall (mid-September). 

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