Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hardware store decor

No, I'm not suddenly into decorating hardware stores... but have you ever noticed hardware stores can be kind of like a treasure hunt sometimes? We have a really neat older hardware store here in town, and I love it. They sell a little bit of everything, from lumber, to gardening tools, to pet supplies, to kitchen wares. This post involves two projects I am currently working on for our dining room re-decorating project, and I wanted to share. I haven't actually completed these projects yet, so these images are from Pinterest. They are sourced, so no copywrite violations are happening here :)

First of all, we have all seen the knockoff West Elm industrial pipe curtain rods.

Did you know you can create an expensive looking curtain rod with door knobs or drawer pulls and electrical conduit? 

...or instead of electrical conduit, you can also use a wooden dowel rod and 2 door knobs/drawer pulls. 

Did you know canvas drop cloths can make some really nice curtains? 

DIY No-Sew Drop Cloth Curtains - The cheapest & easiest DIY curtains ever!

By now, you've probably figured out what I'm making for the dining room. Here are some other really cool hardware store projects that I am not making :)

These succulent planters are great! 

Here are some copper succulent planters: 

These metal candle lanterns are pretty: 

Have you ever done any hardware store decor crafts? If you have, please share! Have a great Thursday!

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