Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Weekend "travels" with the family

I am writing this post a day late, as I've gone back to work this week. Yesterday, we were swamped with meetings and open house, so I simply just didn't get to post. I know you understand, dear readers.

This past weekend, we wanted to have one last wonderful weekend hoo-rah with our precious girl. We asked her what she wanted to do, and she chose to go to a park that is less than an hour from our house.

The park, Burlington City Park, has a mini-amusement park that includes water boats, a carousel, a train, a helicopter ride, and some little cars. Tickets are only a dollar each. There is also a playground, picnic shelters, tennis courts, walking trails, and concessions.

We always enjoy coming here because it isn't far away, it doesn't cost much, and the people who work there are really friendly.

Plus, I know a certain little girl who loves it a lot.
We even saw her cousin and her family there, so they got to play and enjoy some time together.

I write this post, because as a parent of young children, I sometimes feel like society pushes us to constantly give them material things. Toys and goodies are nice, but sometimes what we really need to give them are memories. Memories don't always have to be expensive. For the cost of gas and $15 worth of tickets, our girl got to do something fun she hasn't stopped talking about yet.

 Here are some of our favorite "non-costly" things to do:

1. Rent and watch a movie together
2. Go to the park
3. Go to story time at the library
4. Go swimming
5. Arts and crafts we can do at home (have you ever checked out the craft supplies at the Dollar Tree? There are some neat things.)
6. Cook muffins or cookies together

Create some memories with your kiddos. Not everything has to be a material object. Have fun!

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  1. Oh she is such a sweet and lovely girl. I just can't believe how tall she is getting.
    Thank you for your friendship. It means so much to me.

    1. She is getting tall! I bought her some pants the other day that were still in a toddler size. I had to take them back and buy a girl's size 5!!! She is a sweet girl and has been super cuddly lately, which I'm enjoying.

      I enjoyed your sweet son's Boy Scout camp pictures- he is a handsome young man and looks a lot like his mother!

      Thanks for your friendship :)