Monday, August 17, 2015

Closet spaces revamped!

 As you know, here at Organized and Simplified, we have been trying hard to make our closet spaces more functional. So far, we have finished all the closets except my husband's and our laundry room closet. I recently completed mine.

Like all the closets in my house, the size of the closet was good but poorly utilized. There were two upper shelves and one closet rod. Because there was only one rod, clothes were jammed in the closet, and they were always wrinkled.

To make my closet more functional, my dad and I installed a new closet rod. It was an easy fix, and cost us nothing. He had the 1X4's already, and I had the closet rod and rod flanges. He helped me hang it, and I did the rest.

I already had these fabric bins, but was a little tired of the print. I covered them with some adhesive shelf liner and plan to create some new labels for them. I should tell you that I ran out of shelf liner and so I only covered the fronts. If you look closely, you can tell :) We use the center shelf to store out of season clothes and things we don't often need, since it is hard to get to.

My only purchases were these lovely no-slip space saving hangers from Target. I absolutely love them; they take up far less space and some of my more delicate shirts aren't constantly falling in the floor anymore. I'm going to buy some similar ones for the hubby's closet.
Image result for joy mangano hangers

I also bought some plastic shoe boxes for $.95 each to hold my shoes. I have them stored in the top of my closet at the moment, and I plan to put pictures on the front of each box to show what is in them. This is not the best solution, as I can't reach them unless I have a step ladder. My eventual plan is to swap out the bifold doors for regular doors and use an over the door rack to store my shoes.

My absolute favorite closet purchase, though, was one my husband thought of. In the mornings, I am the first one to leave, so it is often dark in our room while I'm getting ready. I had to turn on the lamp to get my clothes, which bothered my husband, and even with the lamp on, I still couldn't see. He picked up this great motion activated, battery operated, adhesive light for the inside of my closet. I love it- it makes everything in my closet visible, and all I have to do is open the door. They're only $13 at Lowes, and we like them so much we're going to put them in all the closets!
SYLVANIA Black LED Night Light with Motion Sensor and Auto On/Off

Check out the video below to see how it works: (and my cute little pajama clad "Vanna.")

Well, we have just two closets left to revamp. Stay tuned for those updates soon!

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