Friday, August 21, 2015

An organized classroom: using binders to organize student info, data, and more!

Just like my home, everything in my classroom has a place, and everything belongs in its place. Yesterday I shared about how I use drawer dividers and bins to organize my classroom. Today, I am going to share how I use binders to organize my room.

For starters, I took the first three quarters of the school year and created binders with lesson plans, tests and quizzes, and lesson materials for each quarter. Fourth quarter is review, if you're wondering why there is no fourth quarter binder. 

The binder on the far left contains things that are useful when planning lessons. There is a binder for student data that includes test scores, reading and mathematics test data, and some reading assessment info. The student info binder contains locker lists, class lists, and other info. The parent contact binder is what it sounds like: a binder for recording conversations and meetings with parents. There is also a binder for daily language review worksheets. I also created a substitute binder that contains emergency lesson plans, emergency info, bell schedules, extra assignments, and information about how my class is run. 

Similar to my home binder, which I'll be blogging about this coming week, I have a school binder. My school binder contains lesson plans for the week, calendars, a handheld agenda calendar, a zipper pouch that houses my agenda, a highlighter and pens, student information, class rosters, and it also has sections for each meeting we are involved in on a regular basis. I carry it everywhere so there is no reason to ever not have something that I need! 

I hope you enjoyed my classroom binder system. I will be sharing my home binder soon! 

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