Thursday, April 16, 2015

Recipe: Easy hamburger steak

I'm a full-time teacher, a mother to an active little child, and a wife, who also has a house to keep up. Needless to say, this girl has lots to do. I am always looking for quick and easy recipes. This one is one of my favorites, because it is cheap to make, and after the prep work is done, I can put it in the oven and forget about it for an hour.

This easy hamburger steak tastes great and is so easy to make, you won't believe it. All you need is a pound to a 1.5 pounds ground beef, worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper and a patty press. Patty presses are relatively cheap- I've found them in the grocery store before.

Here is everything you need:

I have this weird thing about touching raw meat with my hands, so I dig it out of the pack with a spoon, and put it into the patty press. 

Make sure you press the burger well and that it is hard packed. If not, it will fall apart when you try to take it out of the press. I go around the edges of the patty press with a butter knife. When you get the patties out of the press, put some worcesterchire, salt and pepper on them. Then, flip them over and do it to the other side. 

Then, pop the now-marinated patties into a Pyrex dish and cover the dish with aluminum foil. Bake for an hour at 350 degrees. 

If you want this recipe, right click on the card below, and save it to your computer. Then, when you print it, be sure to change your paper size to 5X7 so you can print it on a recipe card. 

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