Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring crafts: DIY bird's nests

Bird's nests are a big part of my spring decorating. I really like including natural elements in my decor. While I have several bird boxes and trees around my house, I'm not too keen on the idea of taking a real bird's nest and bringing it in to the house. I wouldn't want any bird parasites to hitch a ride and come into the house.

There is a realistic, simple alternative, though. You can make your own bird's nest with just some moss or grapevine, aluminum foil and glue.

Just take your aluminum foil and wrap it over the base of a bowl or cup. You will end up with a shallow "bowl."

I then took out my grapevine "moss," shaped the vine into a nest shape and glued it into the aluminum foil bowl. Then, I shaped some more of the vine into long strands, which I twisted almost like a rope. I glued them around the edges to hide the foil. I then filled in any spots where the foil was showing through. I ended up with this cute little nest, in which I put some cute little eggs.

I made about three of these and I am planning to display them on my "mantle," and in a vignette in my entry way.  Don't you think they look neat? My husband said if he hadn't seen me make these, he would have thought I'd brought them from outside. My daughter liked them, too.

What really cute spring DIYs are you working on?

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