Thursday, March 12, 2015

Organized and Simplified Recipes: Oven-baked Macaroni and Cheese

My mom makes some really good macaroni and cheese. It's a favorite dish in our family and one we almost always request when we gather for a meal. I acquired the recipe as a young, single woman- I was planning to cook a meal for a man I'd just started dating. He is now my husband and we have a sweet little girl. Did the macaroni have anything to do with it? Maybe. It IS pretty good.

I'm pretty sure this recipe came from a church cookbook, though neither of us can remember which one. Of course, I also chose to put my own spin on the recipe, by using Rotini noodles instead of elbows, and sprinkling some bacon bits on top. Not the healthiest way to serve up this dish, but certainly very tasty. My husband and kiddo definitely approved.

To download the recipe card, just right click on the card, save it, and print it. Don't forget to change your printer paper size to 5X7 to print this on an index card.

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