Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Master bedroom remodel: just a few ideas

Our master bedroom currently looks like this:

Not bad, except for the ugly green carpet. This is the last room to still have that carpet. We've replaced it with red oak hardwood flooring in the other two bedrooms, so it now matches the hall, living room, and dining room. We also hope to add hardwood in the office and playroom as well. Then we'll have hardwood everywhere but the kitchen and bathrooms.

I love this furniture. My parents gave it to me some time ago. While it is good furniture and I like how it looks, we really need a bigger bed. And we could use more clothes storage, too.  Right now, we each have a nightstand and we share the six drawer dresser (each of us get three drawers).

We are planning to have the hardwood flooring installed in the spring, and at the same time, we're planning to get new furniture. In keeping with our farmhouse theme, we're having a local craftsman build a reclaimed wood headboard for our new king sized bed. We searched high and low for two matching chest of drawers (so we would each have a 6 drawer chest to ourselves.). The only dressers we could find that were large enough to meet our needs but narrow enough that we could fit two side by side between our windows was the Ikea Tarva. The Tarva comes unfinished, so it can be stained to match our new headboard. We would add some lattice trim to "beef it up" a bit, too.

The plan is to purchase two Ikea Tarva chests and two Ikea Tarva nightstands, and stain them all a dark wood stain, like mahogany or walnut. The dark stain will be such a nice contrast against the red oak flooring. I'd also use all white bedding to contrast against the dark wood stain.

Check out my idea board below. Please know that the nightstand will be stained dark.

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