Saturday, December 6, 2014

It's here! 2014 Christmas House Tour!

I hope everyone is doing well. I have finally finished all my Christmas decorating and I couldn't be more pleased with the result. I probably did more decorating this year than ever and I love how it looks. I will be a little sad when it is time to take it down and pack it all away. Currently excluded from the tour are our master bedroom and bathroom and our nursery.

First up, here is the exterior decor on the front of the house:
We have candles in the windows, and wreaths on the door and windows on the front of the house. Our porch is small and I was honestly scared to take up too much room lest it get knocked over or become a trip hazard. I am still trying to decide what I want to do to our front porch. I bought some garland to put around the front door, but I am going to trade it for some different garland I think will look better. We typically put a wreath on the garage window, but we have not done it yet.

And here is what our house looks like at night.

In our living room, which is right inside the door, this is what you will find:

This is our main tree, decorated with red and gold. 

Some DIY art, blocks that spell "JOY" and a Jim Shore dog that looks remarkably like our yellow lab. 

I already owned this Christmas pottery bowl from "Cagle Road Pottery" in Seagrove, NC, which I filled with gold ornaments. I am from Randolph County, NC, which is where Seagrove is located. 

DIY apothecary jars using Dollar Tree vases, Dollar Tree candlesticks and Dollar Tree ornaments? You bet. 

My beautiful nativity, with a manger built by my grandfather. I absolutely love this. 

In my dining room:
I always say this, but we have yet to find a table and china cabinet we want to buy. I know it looks a little sparse in here, but we are hoping to soon have something more in this dining room. 

This is certainly a nostalgic tree. The tree formerly belonged to my aunt and the music note ornaments on it were used by my mother when I was growing up. 

I went with a simple tablescape. A red and green plaid runner, a white table cloth, red chargers with red dishes, and some pine cones and holly sprigs. The arrangement on the pedestal is holly and pine cones. 
We have this weird window looking from the dining room into the playroom. I like to decorate it like a mantle. The picture was given to us as a gift at a Christmas wedding shower, the lanterns are left over from our wedding and filled with metal bells, and the candleholders are from the dollar store, and are filled with dollar store ornaments. I hung our stockings here this year, too.

Our kitchen is off our living room and dining room, and is on the small side. 
The window above our sink looks into our dining room. 


My daughter's very own tree resides here, complete with Rudolph, and her personal ornaments. Every year we buy her a new ornament for her tree, and so does her grandma. 

A basket of Christmas books next to her Anywhere chair. 


This is our personal tree, in which all the personal ornaments people have given us live. I absolutely love this little tree. 

Here are some of my favorite ornaments on this tree:

And here are some of the decorations that are adorning our bookshelves:

Our second nativity scene lives here, too. I would love a manger to go with this one. 

Hall bath:
Another left over lantern from our wedding gets a small, inexpensive Christmas floral topper. The little candle holder is from a local store. 

Emorie's new room: 
Emorie's yet unfinished room has these cute little DIY "sweater trees" I made and stashed on the top of her dresser. I printed off some graphic art and popped it into a frame. 

Back porch:
We have our table set, but since it is raining, we do not have our napkins or our pillows in the rocking chairs. We do, however, have some simple wreaths on the french doors. 

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