Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Christmas DIY: Gettin' in on the sweater trend.

The sweater trend is huge right now. Christmas decor with a Christmas sweater theme is everywhere.

Moose Pattern Christmas Sweater by tinybiscuits
I've been wanting some sort of cutesy Christmas decor for my little girl's room without putting up another tree, and I had seen this really cute ruffled cone idea on Pinterest. 

The Official Crepe Paper Christmas Tree. Decorations for Relief Society Christmas?

When I went to my local store, I couldn't find any ruffle that I liked. I did read about using coffee filters, but I didn't think that would hold up well. I did spot this really great sequined yarn for making scarves, though. 

I bought three Styrofoam cones and wrapped them with this yarn. I used hot glue to affix it to the cones. I really like how my sweater trees turned out! They look so cute in her room. Please excuse the blurry pictures, they were done with a camera.

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