Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A cheap DIY: Burlap framed gallery

We had this small, blank wall behind our front door. The previous owners had a coat tree here, but I was afraid it would clutter up our living room and discourage family members from hanging up coats in the coat closet. I wanted to do something, though, and I kept coming back to something simple and something reflective of our family.

I love monograms. If you have been to our house, you know there is no shortage of items with a "B" on them. We have my daughter's name hanging over her bed, a "B" hanging over our bed, a wreath with our initial on the front porch... the list goes on and on.

I knew I wanted to do a burlap monogram.

burlap monogram with wedding year

Monogram Burlap Letter1 1024x996 DIY Framed Burlap Monogram

The website Weddingchicks.com has a variety of customizable, free, printable downloads for the taking. I hopped on that website and created two very cute, very easy monograms.

I had a sheet of burlap left over from crafting my Thanksgiving banner in our dining room display. On Pinterest, I learned how to print on fabric. I popped that sheet of burlap into my printer and went to town. My only complaint is that the monogram didn't center itself on the burlap.

I went to a local big box store and picked up an inexpensive black frame.  Once the burlap print was framed and monogrammed, I didn't really care as much that it didn't print in the center. I like the overall result.

I then purchased two more frames, popped the clips off of some old curtain hooks, hot glued the clips to the burlap, and clipped some pictures to them. 

Now I have a frame to hang above and below the monogram, and best of all, I can change out the pictures quickly and frequently! 

The only thing this cost me was the cost of my frames. I already had the burlap, printer ink, picture clips, and it didn't cost me a thing to create the monogram.


  1. great job. this came out perfect! tfs. found you @ fetaher nest friday. best- maryjo

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I have had a busy week and haven't gotten to post this week, but it's coming soon. Thanks!