Monday, November 10, 2014

A closet and a dresser fit for a little girl

My daughter is getting bigger, and so are her clothes.
We are in the process of transitioning her to a "big girl room," but for now, she is still in the "nursery," but uses her convertible crib as a toddler bed.  Currently, her room  has a lingerie chest and a low three-drawer dresser that once served as her changing table. The lingerie chest used to hold two items side by side, and it still will...if you stuff it in there.

Now, I am not a fan of cramming clothes into drawers because a, the clothes always come out looking as though they've been slept in, and b, you can't find what you want! The solution was to re-organize both her closet and her dressers to make them best fit her needs.

As for the "three-drawer dresser:"

She no longer wears diapers or Pull-ups, except at night time. Her top drawer, which used to be the "diaper drawer," now contains tiny undies, tank tops and socks. Remember my post about repurposing diaper boxes and wipes containers?

Here is E's top drawer. I used baskets and wipes containers to organize her socks. I had reservations about showing my kiddo's undies on the internet, so just know that they are stacked on the left side of her drawer.

The second drawer contains her "get comfy clothes," where I have stashed her pajamas, "work out clothes," and her nightgowns.

The third drawer, or bottom drawer holds her bed linens, which are still "crib sized."

Her tall lingerie chest holds her leggings, shirts, shorts, and swimsuits. Each drawer holds only one type of clothing.
The bins in the top of her closet house tights, winter gear (hats and gloves) and extra coat hangers.
We are currently in the process of transitioning her to a new room with a twin bed and re-doing her closet so the space will be better utilized. In her current closet, she has one bar that runs the length of the closet and a shelf above the closet bar. I utilized two plastic totes to create a memory box (a place to store keepsakes) and to store her baby blankets. I also used one of my famous "upcycled cardboard boxes" to create a slimline "hamper" for items we want to donate. As soon as we are finished with the closet, I'll post pictures.

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