Saturday, October 4, 2014

Throwback: Christmas 2013

Last year was our first Christmas in our new house. I love Christmas, and I wasted no time putting up four trees and decorating every room in the house.

 Here are some of my favorite shots:

Our tree in the office. It contains all our personal ornaments that we have been given as gifts, or purchased to honor milestones.

Emorie's white tree with pink and purple ornaments. We put the tree in her playroom, and she loved it.

A big tree in our dining room, complete with musical themed ornaments.

Our main tree in my living room. I absolutely loved this tree. It is the best tree I've ever decorated.

A pretty picture and some snowmen in my kitchen. 

A nativity scene- the stable was handmade by my grandfather. 
I like decorating with snowmen, since I can leave them out after Christmas. 
Our house at night. 

Two trees, one shot. Love it. 

And last but not least- who can post a throwback Christmas post without posting a picture of their Christmas cutie? 

Hope you enjoyed my throwback post. Can't wait to post my Christmas home tour this year! 

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