Friday, October 10, 2014

Entertaining: Decorating using all discount store items! Challenge accepted.

I was challenged by a good friend to plan a table from dishes to decor using cheap items from a discount store, such as Garden Ridge or Christmas Tree Shops. I accepted the challenge and chose to dress my table using items from Christmas Tree Shops.

It's October now, and many of us are planning our holiday parties and dinners. I have a large arsenal of entertaining serve ware and dishes to choose from, but not everyone does. The husband would disagree, but I can always use more serve ware. If I were to go shopping at this moment, here is what I would choose.

5. White porcelain dinner ware, Christmas Tree Shops ($4.99-6.49)

Plain white dinner ware is very versatile and it goes a long way. We have formal china at our house and we have every day dinner ware that we use. If you're having a big dinner party, and you're OCD like me, everything has to match or you'll lose your mind. This is a cheaper option for purchasing a large set of matching dinner ware so you won't have to use your every day dishes.

4. Pfaltzgraff Floral Frost Flatware, $20 for a four-piece place setting.

These look a lot like my actual flatware set, Lenox Opal Innocence.  $20 for a four-piece place setting isn't bad. I could get enough flatware to service my dinner party for $100, and it would still look like I'd paid a lot more.

3. Serveware items: White Ceramic Serving Platter with Handles, $12.99. I would use these for serving meats.

12" White Ceramic Serving Bowl, $12.99

1.25 Gallon Yorkshire Mason Drink Dispenser

2. Table Linens,  Paisley Basketweave Tablecloth, $12.99

Cotton Hemstitch Napkins, Set of four, $5.99

1. Decor: I would just go with something simple, so it wouldn't compete with the table cloth. What about a white pitcher with white  flowers like this one?

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