Saturday, September 27, 2014

High/low knock-offs: Ballard Designs

I'll be the first to admit I have a bit of an obsession with designer clothes, house wares and furniture. That in itself is not a problem, until you consider the fact that I am a teacher. I don't have champagne taste on a beer budget, I have champagne taste on a tap-water budget! I joke, but it is true.

I feed those obsessions with really good knock-offs or DIYs. This week, I am posting my top 5 favorite Ballard Designs knock-offs.

5. Burlap Mr. and Mrs. Pillows with insert, $50-$59 at Ballard Designs
Mr & Mrs Burlap Pillows
The knock-off, a DIY by Seth and Kait, $3.99

4. Set of 6 Mercury Glass Bud Vases, $79 at Ballard Designs
**This is a huge trend right now. You can find mercury glass vases at Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Birch Lane.

Set of 6 Mercury Bud Vases
The knock-off: Mercury Glass Bud Vase, $6.95 each at Luna Bazaar
You could buy six of these, and plus tax, it would still be cheaper than Ballard Designs.

3. Bee glass drinkware, Ballard Designs, $49-55
Bee Glassware Collection
The knock-off, Christmas Tree Shops, $1.25 each
La Rochère Set of 6 Bee Décor Large Clear Iced Tea Glasses

2. Brigitte Dinnerware, $29-$119
Brigitte Dinnerware Collection

The knock-off: Gray Artisan Pottery, Christmas Tree Shops, $8.99- $23.49

1. Eliza Serving Bowl, $35
Crescent Bowls (Set of 12)

Birch Lane Crescent Serving Bowls, $44 for 12

Birch Lane Crescent Bowls

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