Friday, July 18, 2014

Common Sense Cleaning: Outdoor Spaces

Cleaning doesn't just refer to the inside of your home. A house that looks clean from the outside looks inviting and cozy. 

Outdoor spaces are plentiful at our home. We have a garage, a front stoop, a back porch for sitting (that we are still in the process of decorating), a patio, a pergola, a greenhouse, an outbuilding, a tractor shed and a lean-to barn where our dog is currently hanging out. 

Are all of our outdoor spaces clean and organized? No. Some of them, such as the lean-to barn, don't make sense to clean. It is a wood structure with a dirt floor. The only thing in it is a dog house and food bowls. 

I have been working on organizing our garage, but as it has been so hot lately, I haven't been able to do much with it. It is supposed to cool down this week, so I will hopefully finish it soon. The greenhouse is organized, but with a gravel floor, there isn't much to clean. We just make sure it is straight. The tractor shed is the hubs' domain and he keeps his lawn tools well organized. My outbuilding, which is full of baby gear and holiday decorations, needs a good cleaning out, but since it is hotter inside the outbuilding than outside, this one will have to wait until fall or winter. The pergola, back porch and patio are mostly just a matter of not letting them collect clutter. Things tend to gather on the back porch quite often, especially toys and old shoes. Since the actual storage space for these items is in the garage, we are constantly returning them to the garage. 

Our weekly cleaning chores are as follows:
Clean front and back door glass
Pull weeds from flower beds (only in spring and summer)
Put away all outdoor toys, shoes and yard care equipment
Knock down spider webs around the doors and on the porch (there are so many!!!)
Empty outdoor trash cans
Sweep porches, patios and sidewalks (usually done after yard is mowed)

Monthly/Bi-monthly chores:
Wash windows
Wash doors and door moldings
Straighten greenhouse, storage sheds

Twice yearly:
Pressure wash house, porches and privacy fence

Thank you for reading! Tune in for the final installment of Common Sense Cleaning, which will be about cleaning with kids. 

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