Thursday, July 17, 2014

Common Sense Cleaning: Living Areas and Bedrooms

We are nearing the end of our "Common Sense Cleaning" series. I wanted to make sure I covered all areas of our house, so I am going to talk today about cleaning our living areas. As always, they are cleaned a little at a time by utilizing a daily chore checklist and monthly deep cleaning chores. 

I've found by breaking up the chores into daily, weekly and monthly lists the house stays cleaner, AND I'm not spending so much time cleaning. I used to save all the cleaning for Saturday morning. The joke was on me- Saturday "morning" extended throughout all of Saturday and most of Sunday! 

Each day, we declutter all the living areas by making a quick sweep and returning everything to its proper place. Our daughter likes to bring half of her playroom into the living room most days, so she helps with this task. 

Our daily living area chores:
Make the beds (We change the sheets on Sundays)
Put away any clutter
Spot clean the floors or spot-vacuum (if needed- we don't always do this)

Dust furniture and decor
Mop the floors
Clean the mirrors
Change the sheets
Freshen and vacuum the mattress

Dust the walls, doors and moldings
Clean the windows
Check the drawers and closets to make sure they're staying straight and neat
Spot clean the upholstery and carpets
Clean the blinds
Wash the comforters and pillows
Wash the curtains

Thanks for reading! Tune in for the final installments of "Common Sense Cleaning:"
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