Monday, July 14, 2014

Common Sense Cleaning: Cleaning Supplies and How to Organize Them

Cleaning supplies that are organized are easier to find, thus making the task a little easier. I find when my cleaning supplies are easy to find, I clean more frequently.

First, let me explain that there will be some changes to my cleaning supplies in the near future: changes in how they are organized, and changes in what I use. We are in the process of becoming a chemical free house, and I haven't decided yet if I want to make my own cleaners or buy organic cleaners. I decided to start small and make one homemade cleaner in the meantime.

Currently, I stash a caddy of cleaning supplies in the most frequently cleaned rooms in my house- the kitchen and bathrooms. I won't be changing this system as it works too well.

Here is my kitchen caddy and a picture of what is in it:
The caddy contains a kitchen sponge with a scour pad, a hand broom and dust pan, cook top cleaner, oven cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, large trash bags, ceramic tile cleaner and homemade orange and vinegar cleaner.

I have a bathroom caddy in each of our bathrooms.
The caddies contain Chlorox fresh brushes, tub cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, magic erasers, Lysol, and hand brooms. I also have small trash bags and Febreeze Air Effects.

We are currently re-doing our laundry room, so this cleaning supply arrangement won't last forever. Currently, my cleaning supplies that are not exclusive to kitchens or bathrooms (they are used all over the house) are stowed on a wire,wheeled cart in my laundry room. I really do tote my little cart around the house as I'm cleaning, too.

My cart is organized by item. The top shelf holds multi-room items, such as furniture polish, fabric refresher, oil soap, glass cleaner, Swiffer wet jet cleaner for my bathroom floors, office, and playroom, hardwood floor cleaner and carpet stain cleaner. The middle shelf holds countertop cleaner and cleaning cloths; the middle shelf holds microfiber cloths and magic erasers, and the bottom shelf holds Swiffer wet jet cloths and covers for my hardwood floor mop. 


  1. Cleaning supplies are used very often, and since it’s always at hand, we tend to leave it almost everywhere—making it difficult to find the next time we need them. It’s nice to know that you had ours all organized. I think it’s better to have them all together in a container, or whichever one would prefer, so access to it would be convenient, and you can keep it away from children. Thanks for sharing!

    Clay Delgado @ World Packaging Inc.

  2. We have cabinet locks on all our cabinets, so our kids don't have access :) We have them organized by what room they're needed in and we have a container in each bathroom and our kitchen. Other cleaners that span several rooms are placed in the laundry room. It works better than it sounds like it works. :)

    Thanks for commenting, and have a great day.