Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Common Sense Cleaning: Kitchen and Dining Rooms

As with any project or task, it's best to do a little at a time instead of waiting to do it all at once. If I don't clean my kitchen a little every day, I can easily spend two hours at a time just cleaning my kitchen. The entire point of this series is to share tips for having a clean house without losing all your spare time to cleaning. 

I use my kitchen a lot. Because it is home to a three year old who can open the fridge herself and likes to pour her own drinks (as well as a messy cook of a mama who splatters when she cooks), my kitchen needs some sort of daily clean up. I also keep a small caddy of cleaning supplies beneath my kitchen sink for quick access. I don't clean it top to bottom, but here is what I do:

Daily kitchen cleaning (and yes, this is on the daily chore checklist)
Empty and re-load the dishwasher (usually unloaded in the morning, reloaded and re-started after dinner)
Wipe down counters after dinner
Spot-sweep and spot-mop the floor (if needed. sometimes just using the hand-broom to tackle the crumbs is enough)
Wipe down stove top after dinner 
Wipe down dining room table 

Weekly kitchen chores (once again, on the chore checklist)

Monthly kitchen chores: (Mostly done on Fridays or those deep-cleaning Saturdays)
Wiping out the microwave, fridge and freezer
Clean the dishwasher
Clean the oven
Dust the cabinets
Dust the door, door moldings and walls

Another time saving tip is to check expiration dates on items in the fridge and pantry as I'm restocking them after grocery store trips. While you're putting away your new groceries, just give your food and cooking products in the fridge, freezer and pantry a quick date glance and toss out the past-dated ones. 

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for the next installments in the "Common Sense Cleaning" series. 

Coming Soon:

Living Areas/Bedrooms
Outdoor Spaces
Involving children in the cleaning process

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