Friday, July 11, 2014

Common Sense Cleaning: Kid Spaces

My daughter's bed sheets are washed weekly, but her comforter and the stuffed animals she sleeps with are washed monthly. However, the teddy bear that she takes to daycare is washed weekly.

When I am doing my monthly spring cleaning, I make it a point to straighten up her closet and dresser drawers. Luckily, we are pretty good about putting things back in the proper place, so a quick once-over is usually sufficient. Lately, she likes to take everything out of her drawers, so I am frequently re-folding and putting them back. Making her help me re-fold and put everything back has slowed her down a bit :)

In her playroom, we have a fabric drawer and cubby system.

She is pretty good about putting things back, but we still do a little monthly re-organizing.

In the "flu season months" we wash all her stuffed animals and plastic toys monthly. In the summer months, we do it every other month, unless someone in our household has been sick.

Any stuffed animals or dolls that cannot be machine washed get a good Lysol soaking. Some plastic toys, such as bath toys or even Legos, can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher. I washed Emorie's Lego Duplos and plastic dishes in the dishwasher in a mesh laundry bag. I washed them in white vinegar on low heat, without the heated dry.

Since I didn't think her plastic foods could hold up to the dishwasher, I chose to just wash them in the sink in some warm soapy water. Any plastic toys that can't be washed (such as the electronic/battery operated toys), got a rub down with a Chlorox wipe.

I also took everything off her bookshelf and toy shelves and Chlorox-wiped them. The fabric drawers got a Lysol-soak.

Coming soon: Cleaning supply storage
                      Living Areas
                      Outdoor spaces

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