Saturday, May 10, 2014

Playroom organization

My daughter's playroom is one of my favorite rooms in our house.  It is one of our two bonus rooms, and there are windows in the wall so you can see into our office. This is especially handy when E is playing in her playroom and I am working in the office.

We purchased one of the cube shelves you see here. We already owned one of them, as we used it in her closet at the old house.

 Then, I bought the red and green fabric drawers.
I dumped out all of her toys and made a huge pile. Then I sorted them by what toy they were. I put them into different drawers and put a picture label on the front. Even at 18 months, my kiddo could put away her toys in the correct place.

We also purchased a bookcase for her book collection. I already owned the plastic baskets and had been using them at school. Her coloring books, crayons and markers are stored out of reach, lest she decide to decorate.

I absolutely love her Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair. We are currently shopping for spice racks and a floor lamp to turn this into a reading nook. 

A separate corner of the playroom houses her "homeliving area." 
There are two aprons here, one for E, and another so she can cook with a friend. 

An Ikea table, to which we will eventually add two more chairs, and three frames where we can showcase and switch out her artwork. 

Her bulkier toys, such as her dollhouse and farm, are stored on the floor beside her toy cubes. 

                                   Her stuffed animals and dolls are stored in tubs with rope handles.

This playroom is a constant work in progress. Here are a list of things we are working on in E's playroom:
1. Paint her doll cradle
2. Create bedding for doll cradle (I already have the materials).
3. Re-do labels
4. Create an MDF chalkboard for her playroom
5. Create a "reading nook"
6. Wallpaper the back of her book case

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