Wednesday, May 21, 2014


When we were searching for our home, I was looking for a home with either a fourth bedroom our a bonus room to act as an office/playroom combination. When we found our house, I was stoked to find out it had two bonus rooms. We have our playroom and an office, and the best part is, we don't have to share the space!

Our office consists of two tall bookcases, a console bookcase, a desk, a sewing machine that can act as a desk, and a TV cabinet that stores our craft supplies.

I wanted our office to be functional and pretty. The bookcases hold our books and mementos, but they're also a focal point. So, I decorated and redecorated them four times before I was happy.

File boxes and baskets help hide office supplies and add a polished look to our console bookcase.

The desk drawers already contained dividers, but they weren't big enough. I used baskets and wipes containers to keep them organized. There is also a file drawer.
The "matching desk accessories" you see are actually some household cardboard boxes covered in paper
I liked this so much I made one for my other "desk area."

My "expensive" magazine files, as a friend of mine put it, are none other than cheap IKEA magazine files covered in scrapbook paper. I then attached name plates to them. 


You can read all about our craft cabinet here.

Of course, we are not finished in here yet. We are going to get hardwood floor put in and purchase a pretty rug and armchair to pull the space together.

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