Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday: Decorating on a dime

We've been working on our dining room since we moved in. It's a nice size, it has some large windows that let in lots of great natural light, and the wall mouldings make it look really nice. Plus, the hardwood floor is really pretty.

What isn't pretty is the builder grade light fixture and the lack of decorating.

We recently purchased a new (to us) dining room set that has helped the room tremendously. This didn't solve the lack of decor problems, but it gave us a roomier table for meals and did make it look like a dining room for "grown ups."

This weekend, I purchased a painter's drop cloth for the sole purpose of creating these knock-off curtains in my dining room. I am still searching for a long enough curtain rod that isn't too expensive.

Pottery Barn Knock-Off! DROP CLOTH Curtains! $10 per 6'x9' pannel!:

I also have some additional wall decor in the works- something that will only cost me the price of the frames. I am excited about how this room is finally taking shape! 

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