Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Musings: Jeremiah 29:11

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It's refreshing to know there is a plan for my life. Before I was born into this world, God already knew who I would be and what his purpose for my life would be. My four-year-old daughter has a purpose in life and the Lord knew her purpose before he created her. The little girl in my womb right now has a purpose. 

God has a plan for us all. I've said this many times on this blog now, but to those of us who are currently trudging through the valleys of life, God has a plan for you. Those difficult moments in our lives don't make sense at the time, but once we're on the other side, we can see how they made us a bigger person. A better person. 

I've recently emerged from one valley in life and am now trudging through another. So many unanswered questions are swirling in my mind and I'll never know the answer to them. But I do know this- God makes no mistakes and He has no accidents. Everything that happens to us is part of His plan- and he has a reason. A good one. 

I have some people in my life who are close to me who are trudging through valleys far more difficult than mine, but they are people of the faith and they know God has a plan for them. He gives us storms in our lives not to harm us but to make us stronger. If you're enduring one of these trials right now, don't give up. Keep pressing on- He gives us hope and a future. 

I look at my daughter and I know her life won't be without storms. If it were up to me, her life would be perfect and without trials. The flaw in that kind of thinking is that she'd never learn if she had no experiences from which to grow. I pray she lives a life like God wants her to- and that when the storms do come, she'll know her God is walking beside her and will bring her through them. He has plans, hope and a future for her. And I can't wait to see how he uses her life. 

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