Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Getting Organized: Command Centers

I've briefly talked about our command center before, but now I'm about to talk about it in depth.
The command center is completely DIY'd and we really do use it a lot. The bulletin board, which holds inspiration for me (pictures, Bible verses and quotes), is made from a large picture frame that the glass broke out of. We no longer used the frame, so I cut a piece of foam board to fit the frame and covered it in fabric. The calendar board was bought from Hobby Lobby, but the calendar is DIY'd with some line tape. Here is how our calendar looked a few months ago! 

Each week, we use the calendar to look at what bills are coming due, what other expenditures we'll have, and what important dates are coming up. The smaller red weekly calendar is where all of this information gets recorded. 

These frames hold our cleaning checklist, bill pay list (where we list what bills are due and when), the red weekly calendar, and a weekly menu board. The frames were $3 Dollar General specials and the items within the frames were made by me on the printer. 

The mail bins are just Chlorox Fresh Brush boxes covered with black canvas and adorned with mail plates.  You can read about how I made them here. We use these to organize bills that need to be paid, bills that need to clear, and bills that need to be filed. Everything else promptly goes to the shredder. 

Having this command center makes it so much easier to know what's going on in each family member's lives during the week, as well as helping us organize finances and eliminate piles of paper around the house. It's honestly one of the best things I ever did. 

Hope you'll join us next week for some financial organizing tips! Thanks for reading!

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