Monday, July 13, 2015

Recipe: Southern Skillet Fried Chicken

I realized this week that it has been FOR.EV.ER. since I posted a recipe! I used to post two of them a week, so I can't believe this. I decided to redeem myself and get some cookin' done! I decided to share my super easy skillet fried chicken recipe.

All you need is thawed chicken (either breast or tenderloins), all-purpose flour, margarine, and eggs.

I started by heating some margarine in my skillet on medium heat. Then, I dipped my chicken tenders in some whisked eggs. I rolled them in flour, and then I dropped them into the skillet.

After that, just make sure the internal temperature reaches 170 to 180 degrees. Keep it on medium heat, though, because if you don't, the outside of the chicken will be burned before the inside is cooked.

The flavor was awesome. You should totally make this!

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As always, here is your handy-dandy printable recipe card. For best results, right click on the card and save it to your computer prior to printing. To print on a 5X7 index card, change your paper size to 5x7. 

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