Tuesday, April 28, 2015

House renovations: hardwood flooring

When my husband and I moved into our house, we already had beautiful hardwoods in the living room, hall, and dining room. Our three bedrooms had this terrible green carpet. It was so ugly. If I were going to put carpet in a room, I'd choose a neutral color, definitely not hunter green.
Seriously. It was green!

Last year, we had the same hardwood installed in the nursery and my daughter's new room. Since we both work jobs and have other expenses to cover, we only do a little at a time. We waited until this year to have our master bedroom flooring installed.

Do you remember this post, when I talked about our plan for the master bedroom? I created this mood board, with the intent of getting new furniture and bed linens. 

We hope to get our new furniture sometime around Christmas, because pregnant ladies can't refinish furniture :)

I'm glad that part one of our master bedroom overhaul is done, but I'm really glad the ugly carpet is gone from our house. Here is what our floor looks like now:

I think it looks a LOT better, don't you think? 

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