Monday, April 13, 2015

Decorating with thrift store finds

I took advantage of my spring break last week to take a little spring break from blogging as well. I am back now, feeling refreshed, and ready for my next break. I'm kidding. Sort of.

During my spring break, I had a dentist appointment in the next town. While I was in town, I managed to squeeze in a little trip to my favorite thrift store. i love ducking into thrift stores and antique shops. It's like a treasure hunt- you might end up empty-handed, or you might hit the jackpot. You just never know. I didn't find a whole lot, but I did find three really neat things. I found a glass water carafe that looks like a milk bottle, a silver platter, and a darling miniature pitcher and bowl wash set.

I bought the water carafe to be used as a water carafe, but by the time I got it home, I decided it'd make a pretty vase.

Don't worry- I actually don't use these flowers. They are some fakes that my daughter likes to play with, and I am making a grocery store run soon where I can get some pretty real flowers. 

I don't know where this carafe/jar came from, but it has this emblem on it, if anyone recognizes it:

The silver tray was in almost perfect condition- it just needed a good cleaning. I had planned to stick this on my husband's nightstand to hold his keys and wallet, but found it to be a bit small. Plus, my daughter took one look and claimed it for her vanity. Guess she liked it better than my shoebox lid tray I made last week.

The sweet little wash stand set caught my eye immediately. It is so pretty and so detailed- Look at how pretty the gilding is around the edges! I just love the shape of the pitcher. It's a pretty addition to our shelf in the hall bath. It'd look pretty with flowers in the pitcher, as well.

I hope to go back to the thrift shop soon. If I do, I hope I find more treasures like these.

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