Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Put a little love in your heart...and your home

I decorate for fall so extensively that I post a fall house tour. Eventually, I'd love to do the same for winter, spring and summer. These days, my "seasonal" decor is limited to a "mantle" or a few scattered holidays.

There is an odd pass through in my dining room that I decorate as though it were a mantle. I decorate it for almost every season. Eventually, we will probably close up this pass through, but for now, I will decorate it for every. freakin'. holiday. 

I apologize for the poor picture quality. I took these with my phone, because my DSLR's battery is dead. 

I used a white ceramic container I found in my aunt's basement. I put some floral foam and moss into the container and then put in some bare branches I found in my yard. I also cut some red hearts out of cardstock, attached strings to them and hung them on the branches. I also cut out some burlap pennants and stenciled the word "LOVE" on to the pennants. I then framed some "art" I cut off of a Valentine's bag last year, as well as a picture of my little Valentine on Valentine's Day last year, and a picture of my hubby and me when we were dating. A small cardboard heart and two glass candle holders I use for Christmas decorating completed the look. I only spent about $5 for floral foam and moss, as I already had everything else. 

And last but not least, these pretty red tulips I bought this week. 

I hope you like my "mantle." I'd love to see what Valentine's Day decor you guys are displaying. 

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