Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Craft supply storage

Ladies, want to make your husband nervous? Walk around the house with a tape measure.

The sight of me with either a hammer or a tape measure usually causes my husband to roll his eyes and nervously ask," So what are you doing now?"

We had our craft supplies in an old dresser in our old house. This didn't work because it was too hard to organize and I couldn't find anything. If you know me, you know how much I hate looking for things! When we moved, I found a TV cabinet on Craigslist for $100. It was important to me that I maximize the space, but have everything be removable in case we ever wanted to use it as a TV cabinet again. I did that, but then it kind of got out of control.

My craft cabinet was a hot mess. I am the mother of a preschooler, a Sunday School teacher, a crafter and a serial DIY-er. To say craft supplies are plentiful at our house would be an understatement. In fact, we had so many craft supplies, we didn't know how to store them!

I thought about cutting plywood shelves to put in the armoire, but they would not be removable. I had an old shoe organizer shelf in the armoire already, so I took the second shelf off of it so I could have a little more storage space. Then, I re-labeled all my boxes, stacked them differently, and went through everything in the cabinet. What needed to be discarded was thrown away, what needed to be stored someplace else was moved, and what needed to be kept was better organized.

The polka dot boxes are shoe boxes covered with fabric. The black 12x12 boxes and black photo boxes are from Hobby Lobby, and we've had them awhile. The white boxes are from Ikea. The mason jars and plastic containers came from Dollar Tree.
I also utilized some Oatmeal canisters and soup cans covered with scrapbook paper to corral my scissors, pipe cleaners and other crafting goodies.

The bottom cabinets hold Rubbermaid drawer systems for fabric remnants and sewing items, as well as scrapbooking items. We also store photography items and candles here, too.

Right now, I have Command hooks on the doors, which I have used to hang items. I want to get some Ikea Bekvam spice racks to hang items on the armoire doors as well, but we shall see.

I'm not completely satisfied yet with this project. The cabinet is nice and organized now and everything is accessible. It's a little boring though- I think it needs some color. Maybe after I get my spice racks on the doors, I'll feel better about it. 

Still, though. Let's see that side-by-side: 

                                Before                                                                                               After

And the bottom of the cabinet, before, left and right, after:

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