Friday, June 13, 2014

Master bedroom closet- Part One!

Our master closet consists of decent sized two closets, but the space isn't well organized. We've got a shelf in the center and a shelf at the top. There are two rods on my side and one rod on the hubs' side.And you better believe, our closets were a hot mess. My hot mess is on the right, the hot mess on the left is the hub's.
This post is dedicated to fixing my closet.

I've been wondering how we could better use the space. My first plan was to remove everything we didn't need. I started by removing everything from the closet. If it was out of season, I put it in a Space Bag under the bed. If we hadn't worn it in a year, we donated it. If it was ripped or stained, it went into the garbage.
I purchased several clear plastic shoe boxes and as soon as they're laminated, I'll affix those pictures of the shoes to the fronts. Then, I utilized several bins we already had on hand and put swimsuits, shorts, t shirts, handbags and socks into them. They are now located in the tower shelf that divides our closets.

I folded my jeans and put then on my shelf above the double rod.

I think that looks a lot better, don't you? Stay tuned for hub's closet.

Coming soon:
Master bedroom closet Part 2
How we store out-of-season clothes.

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