Friday, July 4, 2014

Purse and Diaper bag organization

Today I'd like to share my organization tips for diaper bags and purses. My daughter is now potty trained and we don't really need a full-blown diaper bag anymore, but we do still carry a bag with changes of clothes, medications, and a few other just in case items. Her diaper bag is a 31 string bag. 

There are only two compartments, so I organized her diaper bag items into categories and put them into gallon Ziplock bags. Sandwich bags aren't the prettiest way to organize a diaper bag, but they're cheap, we already have them, and they're recyclable. There is a small bag with things I need to get my hands on quickly, such as sanitizer, tissues, Boogie Wipes, and lotion.

We also pack a few books and some coloring books and crayons to keep kiddo occupied if we are in a waiting situation.
Extra clothes, panties and socks, plus an extra bag for wet clothes.
We do still use Pull-ups at nap time and bed time, so we keep a few plus some diaper cream occupy another bag.
This handy little bag includes a thermometer, cortisone cream, clippers, fever reducer, chap stick, band aids, first aid cream and lollipop for curing hurts ;)
We also include a separate bag with sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat for sunny weather activities.

Now, about my purse. I am a Coach bag fan. I love them because they are stylish, but I love all the pockets, too. I put my most used items in one pocket (keys, cell phone, flash drives, and earbuds.).
All of these items are in my purse at all times. The only thing missing is a diabetes meter and sunglasses.
The other pocket holds my school ID badges, female objects and pens.
Make up is in its own case. My wallet holds money and cards. A small coupon organizer holds coupons and gift cards.  A small bag holds lotion and sanitizer.

I clean out my purse about once a month. What essential items do you keep in your purse at all times.

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