Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Master bedroom clothes storage

Before you read this post, keep in mind we are still in the process of decorating our room. In our master bedroom, we currently have a full size bed, two nightstands, a TV armoire we use as a wardrobe, and a dresser. Before I talk to you about my clothes storage, I want to point out that nothing embarrassing or inappropriate will be posted here.

The six-drawer dresser is divided down the middle, three doors for me and three for the hubby.
Since I have reservations about putting pics of my family's skivvies online, I'll just tell you the dresser holds the hubs' undies, t shirts and sleepwear. My side holds nightgowns, pj pants and t-shirts.
Currently, we do not have drawer dividers. We do fold the items and place one stack of shirts/pj pants/ boxers, etc. on each side of the drawer.

The cabinet part of the armoire holds my foundation garments, such as Spanx, Soma camis and socks. That is what is in these bins. We are getting ready to add a shelf to this cabinet and affix labels to my bins.

This armoire has two drawers on the bottom. The top drawer holds bras and panties. Once again, I'm not posting pictures, but I will say the bras are filed one in front of the other like at Victorias Secret. The panties are stowed in low baskets that fit in the dresser drawers.

The bottom drawer holds my work-out clothes.

Our nightstands house socks, our Bibles,  and our chargers. I used $1 canvas baskets from Dollar Tree to hold our socks. Looks a little messy, but showing it anyway.

In the next year, we would like to get some new bedroom furniture. As of now, this is what we have and how we're making it work. 

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