Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Kitchen organization

I don't have a large kitchen in my house. We do, however, have a large pantry, so it doesn't really matter that our kitchen is small. Plus, the cabinets and drawers have plenty of room. My kitchen is cozy and I really like it. In a strange way, its small size forces me to keep it more organized.

Due to the layout, it's impossible to get the whole kitchen in one shot. I had to take a few pictures from different angles.

When we moved in last summer, my aim was to organize the kitchen as I was unpacking and putting things away. I wanted everything to have a place and I wanted those places to make sense. I wanted everything to be stored with like items and I wanted everything to be easy to find. For the most part, we did that. 

We did make a few changes. For instance, my wonderful husband suggested that I move our pots and pans from the cabinet by the sink and put them in the cabinet by the stove. I don't know why I didn't think of that. We made the switch and it has worked so much better. If you're wondering, the pot and pan racks and the lid rack came from Wal-Mart. 

We also had to reorganize our spice cabinet- I could never seem to find what I wanted and it was a big disorganized mess. I purchased a metal can riser from a local dollar store and it has made a huge difference. I also employed Command hooks to hold my measuring spoons. 

We used to have our medicines (ours and the kiddo's) stored in our linen closet, but we don't keep cups in the bathroom and we found ourselves constantly walking into the kitchen to get water. I also opened my cups and mugs cabinet one day to notice there were about 5 pill bottles sharing space with my drink ware. I decided to commit the top shelf to housing our meds. After all, it is more convenient and well out of the reach of tiny humans. I don't have my medicine containers labeled yet, but they will be soon. 

Other wall cabinets house dishes and food storage containers. Tiny Girl gets her own cabinet. 
Her dishes are either Tupperware or from Ikea. The plastic silverware is housed in repurposed soup cans. 
Her sterilizer (for sippy cups as we don't use bottles anymore) and our plastic containers we use for travel snacks are on the top shelf. You may notice that the snack containers are International Delite creamer bottles. They work well for things like Cheerios and Goldfish and will keep them from going stale. 

Our plastic food storage containers are corralled into Sterlite bins. No more plastic avalanche every time you open the cabinet. 

The floor cabinets not only house frequently used appliances, such as the slow cooker, blender and food processor, but glassware for entertaining (punch bowl, drink dispenser and cake plate) and Pyrex cookware. 

The drawers in my kitchen are used for things like baking sheets (the bulkier metal bake ware is housed in the bottom drawer of the stove), grilling tools, kitchen linens, hot pads and trivets, and cutlery and silverware.

Since we are frequent cleaners, it only made sense to keep the necessary cleaning supplies in our kitchen. Everything we need for a quick clean up can be found under our sink, along with dish washing supplies. 

I hope you've enjoyed my kitchen tour. Stay tuned for more updates soon. 

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