Sunday, June 29, 2014

Common Sense Cleaning: Deep cleaning days

You've all seen my weekly cleaning schedule. However, there are a few chores that I do monthly, but don't include on that schedule. Due to my husband's job, he is on call every other week. This means he cannot leave the county. Emorie and I could and he would be ok with this, but we generally use those Saturdays as a good opportunity to get things done around the house. Yesterday, I did just that. Emorie was at a play date with her cousin, so I got to work.

Deep cleaning days are just like a mini-21 day challenge. I love it because it gives me extra time to get to those chores that don't quite need to be done weekly, but need to be done more than every other month.

The first thing I did was dust the mini-blinds in each room. We live on a dirt road, and even though we rarely open our windows, some of that dust still finds its way in our house. We dust a lot! Just dusting the mini-blinds alone took almost all day. I used a multisurface cleaner and a microfiber cloth to wipe away the dust.

Next, I took to giving the bathroom fixtures a more extensive scrub then the weekly scrub they're accustomed to getting.

Once I'd accomplished both of those tasks, I cleaned the baseboards in each room. A dryer sheet works wonders for cleaning baseboards. The dust sticks to them like glue and it makes your room smell amazing!

Next Saturday Michael won't be on call and we will actually go somewhere and do something fun. The Saturday after that will be another deep cleaning day. Here are my plans for my next deep cleaning day:

Wash all shower curtains and display towels
Wash all bath toys
Move furniture and sweep/vacuum and mop underneath it (I anticipate this chore to take the longest amount of time).

Other things I like to do on deep cleaning days include washing windows inside and out, wiping out the fridge and freezer, dusting cabinets and bathroom vanities, washing comforters and scrubbing the porches and walk ways.

Sometime in the near future, I plan on washing all of E's stuffed animals and sanitizing her toys.

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